Giving Benefactors peace of mind that their Beneficiaries are educated in how to invest their inheritance.

A Powerful Tool to Facilitate Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer.

WILLPORTvouchers are legal agreements initiated by the Benefactor, through the Wealth Advisor, payable to the Beneficiary via the WILLPORTtrust platform. This allows Benefactors to educate and transfer wealth while they are still alive.

Purchased through an RIA or a certified Wealth Advisor.

Voucher Education

A Powerful Tool to Facilitate Inter-Generational Wealth Gifting & Investment Coaching

Gift a trading account and empower the next generation to invest wisely and manage a better financial future.

Investment Gift Voucher

Investment Gift Voucher

It gives the beneficiary ownership of an investment account as a gift. Still, there is one caveat – the beneficiary must work with a Wealth Advisor to receive investment guidance for at least 18 months.

Investment Coaching Voucher

Investment Coaching Voucher

The benefactor retains ownership of the account, at least initially, while the beneficiary is given trading authority and coaching. The beneficiary benefits from learning about the investment's value and developing a relationship with the Wealth Advisor while guaranteeing time before gaining complete control of the funds.

AFTERLife Inheritance Voucher (coming soon)

AFTERLife Inheritance Voucher (coming soon)

This allows the inheritance to flow from a trust, based on benefactor instructions, directly to the beneficiary, stipulating that the inheritance stays with the wealth manager for at least 18 months. It streamlines the process, allowing the Wealth Advisor to build a relationship with the beneficiary and for the beneficiary to be able to handle what to do with immediate inheritance.

If you are certified in the Wealth Management industry, feel free to contact us to learn more about the voucher product.

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