A Powerful Tool to Facilitate Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer.
Welcome to WILLPORT Holdings Inc., where innovation meets tradition and the future of family connectivity and financial management is redefined. At the heart of our journey, from our inception as WILLPORT Trust LLC to the transformative leap we’ve taken today, is unveiling our pride and joy – the WILLPORT Multigenerational Super App. The WILLPORTapp isn’t just an app; it’s a revolution in how families and friends across generations can stay connected, manage finances, and celebrate life’s milestones together, all in one place.
Imagine an app that acts as your assistant, ensuring you take every chance to show you care. Whether scheduling gatherings, sending heartfelt messages, or sharing gifts and experiences, WILLPORT makes it all effortless. Our visionary, Schwartz, puts it best: “Our mission is to deepen connections between family and friends, making every significant occasion remembered and celebrated.” The Marketplace brings a curated selection of electronic gifts, group gifting solutions, and AI-generated e-greeting cards, making personalization and celebration easier.
But WILLPORT is more than just about gifting and scheduling. We’re breaking new ground with features that redefine financial transactions and investments for every generation. From seamless money movements with WILLpay to easy cross-border transactions via WILLPORTinternational and the innovative WILLPORTtrust, set to change inheritance management with blockchain technology, we’re setting a new standard for financial engagement.
Looking forward, our Financial Center is a hub for empowerment, featuring WILLinvest, our micro-investing platform that opens up investment opportunities for all, and a directory to connect you with Certified Wealth Advisors for expert financial planning.
WILLPORT Holdings Inc. is more than a company; it’s a pioneer in leveraging technology to forge deeper generational bonds. Through WILLPORT, we’re not just facilitating connections; we’re crafting a comprehensive ecosystem that supports and enriches the lives of modern families. Join us on this exciting journey where the future of family connection, financial management, and legacy planning awaits.
WILLPORT has even more features that promise to make managing your financial legacy and personal connections smoother. With blockchain technology at its core, the app will become indispensable for nurturing family ties, managing finances, and creating lasting legacies.

Message From Our Founder

As a busy professional, wife, mother, and founder, Doris Schwartz realized it was daunting to care for her aging mother and consistently remember to execute all the gifts her mother had requested for her 15 grandchildren. Doris knew there must be an easier way to do this and set out to automate the means by which we can be reminded, schedule, and deploy money and gifts to our loved ones.

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Executing the wishes of a deceased loved one can be overwhelming. When Doris’ mother approached 92, Doris found herself overwhelmed with the task of executing the multitude of her mother’s final wishes. At this point, Doris thought, “there has to be a way to electronically schedule and send retirement proceeds directly to your beneficiaries and include a personal message and gifting.” It was living through this responsibility that inspired the vision that has now become WILLPORTtrust. Having an investment and financial services background, Doris, her family, and friends, worked together to assemble some of the top CPA and law firms in the U.S. to streamline the way we send our money and gifts to the people we love the most.
As a pioneer in the industry, WILLPORTtrust’s purpose is to see that your money, your memories and messages are securely transported into the future… as you will.