Streamlining wealth transfer to the masses

The AFTERlife Legacy and Blockchain Deployment TRUST platform offers affordable estate planning. It enables the gradual electronic distribution of inheritance (money), including messages or videos, directly to beneficiaries’ bank accounts and the WILLPORTApp.
Our trust product allows everyone an equal opportunity to seamlessly and affordably set up a trust, attach their legacy messages, and have confidence that their inheritance and wishes are deployed to future generations.
WILLPORTtrust partners with Trustees, Banks, and Institutions serving the Trust community.
Trust Beta release in late 2025.

WILLPORT Trust is a team of experienced professionals specializing in trusts, wealth management, and technology.

Our approach at WILLPORT Trust ensures a private and seamless process for allocating, safeguarding, and enhancing your legacy assets. We also foster a personal connection between the person who establishes the Trust (Grantor) and the recipient (beneficiary) through your family social network.
Donate to a Charity

Donate to a your favorite charity in your estate plan. Simple and easy to use with WILLPORTtrust.

Secure Documents and Data

Store important documents like health directives, log-ins, and passwords, and designate a trusted contact for electronic delivery should you pass away.

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Benefits to Blockchain

Blockchain includes “blocks” of information that can be used to construct a Trust designed for the individual. Changes or amendments to your Trust would be recorded in the “block” chain, completing a validation and verification process like “date, “time,” and “individual.” This process streamlines the current antiquated process and securely records every amendment or change, mitigating a legal challenge. To understand more about private Blockchain allows Estate Planners to manage their clients’ Plans. Everything is prepared online, eliminating the paperwork involved in printing and signatures.
All changes are done electronically and verified through the Blockchain. Users will pay an initial set-up fee and an affordable annual fee that allows for online updates, including the ability to upload your legacy personal message with the attached video from your free WILLPORT Multigenerational APP and upload it to your Trust deployment timeline.
If an individual needs assistance, The WILLPORTtrust Admin Portal Platform allows Wealth Advisors and Estate lawyers to manage their clients’ plans through an approved process. An Individual can also elect to set up their plan.

Utilizing AI as a tool

Internal artificial intelligence can monitor your life changes at any age, allowing you to modify and keep your plan updated. An intelligent system can alert you to changes in tax strategies and inquire about life events that might cause you to consider amending your life plan to fit the needs of your Beneficiaries better.
The future of TRUSTs allows everyone an equal opportunity to seamlessly and affordably set up a TRUST, attach their legacy messages, and have confidence that their wishes are deployed to future generations.

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